Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Book

Well I did it. I finally took the plunge and engaged Xlibris, a big publishing company to take my scribling make them into a book. So the next thing that comes to mind is my gratitude to my readers. People like me write because they feel compled to and of course we want to share them. It is abundantly satisfying to know that some folks enjoyed reading one of my little stories. I'm more grateful than you can ever know---childishly grateful.
So far my book is unnamed. Any ideas? Please let me know.
The book will be out by April first. That's the best guess I have at this time.It will be a grouping of short stories, almost every one about my grimy little backwoods town of Climax.
I'm working on book two. It will be a regular book with chapters and stuff like a real writer ought to do. Is that progress? Am I learning? Very soon I will post a chapter and fish for your response.
Sorry I was gone so long. Book deal is working so I have a little more time now. Thanks again. Tuck