Monday, March 21, 2011


First I must thank Jeffery Hodges who picked up my blog and soon he was editing my stories. You will find my appreciatin expressed in the acknowlegements in Climax I.
There is no way to speed the publisher up. I have fullfilled my obligations. I have given several of them their own dedicated cussin' but that didn't help either. Next week I will receive my one single book to examine and if I say grace over it and face meccca every morning after a few more weeks passes I'll have books for you. They told me that people could order. A few people did order they were dissapointed and so was I and I was embarrassed too. Ya'll could have ordered before you ever heard of me. The object is to get a book and I'm embarrassed but do not falter or lose faith.
Sure I'll have signed books for you and when I get 'em and the service will be prompt. Call it sudden service. There will be shipping and handling cost so I can't nail it down but soon, very soon. That would at least make you first. I ain't encouraging that but it will work.
This company provides good high high quality product but they are awful hard headed.
I'm getting a lot of attention and I love it. Thanks ever one. Tuck

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