Sunday, March 13, 2011


It is easier to write a book that to publish one. Climax I is within days or maybe a few weeks of being printed. I'm too old to be excited but I really am eager to see it and hold fresh new copies in my hand. I have foolish child like visions of signing books and exchanging them for money while the line of adoring readers grows longer. Actually when I'm not dreaming I do hope to sell some of them. I ain't no book salesman or any other kind. I tried it once. I have no gift for friendly pursuasion. I retired from that field in favor of giving friendly instructions which in fact could not be refused. I wanted to make my living writing which was impossible, you know, other people depended on me for stuff like food and shoes so I worked and stayed mad all the time. I wasn't a good boss but I was effective.
But now my book is finished and if anybody wants one I'll have it fixed so you can get one signed by the author who is me. Take a look at the cover which is posted here.
Dr. Jeffry Hodged who lives in Korea edited most of this and he wrote the blurb in which he bestowed genius-hood on me and I kept it becuse it felt good. After a day or two I commenced to feel like one. Think about that, a genius for eighty years and didn't even know it. I've got the hang of it now so I'll be alright. It's hard to keep from acting like one. I'll try. Bye Tuck

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