Sunday, March 20, 2011


I finally got the book published. I lived through it. It was too much for an eighty year old man but I stuck it out. Pat helped me a lot, a whole lot. Anyway if anybody wants one you can order it now and me surviving the ordeal proves that being dumb is not injurous to a persons health. There are times when a person should quit, just give up and I've done that before but this time I hung right in there
The press release below tells where you can order the book and there are some innacuricies about me included in it but I decided to let it go.
But honestly, I wish you would buy my book. Heck, I wish the entire population of China would buy one apeice. I heartily reccomend that but I personally don't want to read it again. Actually I'm sick of the damn thing. I need a rest from it but I think that almost anybody would enjoy reading it a few times.
If You buy one don't loan it out. If other people want to read it let 'em order their own: just kidding. If while reading it you run into Bulldog Martin tell him howdy for me. Tuck

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